Black Capricorn – Born under the Capricorn

Black Capricorn Cover

Italy is a great place. Agreed? Just think of all the fantastic bands hailing from the realm of antique decadence and occult debaucheries and add this one to your list:
Black Capricorn from Cagliari, Sardinia. Their second album „Born under the Capricorn“ (what is it with that sign, does anyone know?) is full of crushing, catchy, doomy riffs, beautiful tones, despair and longing. Il Baro’s raspy, slightly crusty and at times very hypnotic vocals nicely set them apart from your typical doom outfit. The songs‘ basic structures are simple and straight, but the band also venture on psyched-out trips to the unholy side of music. Black Capricon take the best of what has proven to be good among the classic formulas of heavy psyched doom. It sounds familiar and fresh at the same time, it’s fuzzy and imperfect, dark and charming. No name dropping here, find out for yourself:  Here or here


Released in March 2013 by Stone Stallion Rex / Voice of Azram


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