First things first: We had a blast at HELL’S PLEASURE, a tiny but highly recommendable festival in Pößneck, a small town nestled in the sweet and green but very remote valleys of Thuringia. At Hell’s Pleasure we met old and new friends and saw a shitload of great bands: we got scared by cthulhu-worshipping PORTAL, excited by Swiss eccentrics BÖLZER, sadly missed out REPULSION (don’t ask…please…) and got crushed by the mighty ELECTRIC WIZARD, to name just a few.

Yet this here isn’t so much about the bands – it’s about the fans. On our arrival it struck us once again, that for many people being part of the metal scene is something that wants to be expressed beyond wearing black shirts. Metal literally goes under one’s skin, and it seems as if there is a deep longing and tendency to show your allegiance and dedication.

Diana let her eye and camera lead her way through the crowd, not judging or censoring anything, because we wanted to display the big variety of awesome tattoos that struck us in one way or the other. Thus there are also a couple of tattoos none of us would necessarily get ourselves, but that are still worthy showing.

Here they are, various body parts of various people who were all willing to show us what they got. Enjoy (and click to enlarge).

                Saz Ryder Australia

       daniel deutschland_3928       Harry münchen_3817

Dave Schlettwein ColorPoint_3786      Harry münchen_3824       

 Dave Schlettwein CP_3797

jerry_belgium_3700       krugi dortmund_3882

krugi dortmund_3885

martin bad lobenstein_3866       martin bad lobenstein_3864

marcel steinbach hallenberg_3832     marcel steinbach hallenberg_3831

martin_berlin3672       Matze Berlin_3779

Matze_Berlin 3776

saz ryder australia_3907      P_admiral adams 24777_3709

Maximilian Edelsfeld_3690     saz ryder australia_3911

seb_metz f _3951      sigrid harra_3848

sigrid harra_3850

stefan sweden_3896

      someone from praha_3801

so from spain_3697

so from praha_3808


unbekannt1_ _3959

 unbekannt1__3967      unbekannt2_3977

chris_kämpten_3684      daniel d_3933

Bela Berlin_3781p

want to see more? Here’s a place to visit:

yours truly Uli (words) & Diana (images)


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