Blackholicus – Megaforte

Think Iron Maiden. Think Motörhead. Think high speed shredding, twin guitars and crushing riffs. Think dirty DIY punk (with castanets!). Now think Thin Lizzy…and last but not least, think J.S.Bach. Team it up with an album cover depicting a SciFi animal war somewhere out in space, plus a cute picture of someone’s labrador. What do you get? Can’t really tell? Blackholicus from Austin, Texas serve a strange mixture of technical perfection and unconnected pieces of weirdness, which in the end turns out to be most energetic, captivating and entertaining. Bassist Margaret Myrick, who at times sports a charming polka dot dress and a pearl necklace while playing live, throws in some torture-twisted scream vocals from time to time – but on the whole, the vocals serve as an additional instrument rather than dominating the songs which range from metallic sledgehammers to elegant baroque interludes. Megaforte was released in 2009, but the world would be a better place if Blackholicus turned their love for all kinds of good music into another album – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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